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Janice Connolly j.connolly at
Fri Nov 7 08:02:33 EST 1997

In article <3458277E.3EBA at>, memorrow at (Melissa Morrow) wrote:
>I am doing a project on phiesteria. I must suggest a method of killing
>it. I have discovered various things unique to the organism and was
>wondering if any of them made it vulnerable. It has peripheral
>microtubules, amphiestral vesicles, an organelle: pusule, lacks histone
>and nucleosomes, and has condensed chromosomes. If any of these facts
>will point me in the direction of attacking it I would greatly
>appreciate it. Any information will be useful. Thank you!
>			Sincerely,
>			Melissa
try colchicine.  I think it "paralyses" the microtubles preventing the 
formation of the mitotic spindle.  No division, dead animal

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