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> Does any body have a construct encoding a cell surface marker  (e.g.
> CD20) for co-transfection of mammalian cells? We urgently need some for
> our experiments.
> Thank you very much!
> Ri-Yao Yang, Ph.D.

Invitrogen sells a construct that encodes a single-chain mAb fragment on
the cell membrane apart from the multicloning site; that way, you're
certain that the protein of your interest is in the cells expressing this
mAb. Also, you can select the transfected cells from this mixed population
by magnetic beads, coated with the antigen the mAb fragment will bind.
Another version of the construct has green fluorescent protein in it; you
can check expression in a mixed population by flow cytometry, but you'd
need a sorter to sort out the positive ones. We bought the single-chain
expressing version, and we're just getting started putting the constructs
in the cells right now.

Hope this helps,

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