Reverse Translation?

yongmao at yongmao at
Fri Oct 10 04:32:37 EST 1997

Please do not try to make fun of me or blame me crazy. It is just for
stimulating discussions and try to change my brick with your golden

Everybody knows that the flow of central dogma is from DNA-mRNA-protein,
and the mRNA can be reverse transcribed back to cDNA in vivo and in vitro. 

Experience tell us that the development of the world is endless. Each
breakthrough discovery astonishes people because they never think it could
happen. The discovery of Ribozyme brought out the hypothesis of "RNA

We always say that the source of life is protein. The final product of
genes are proteins. Proteins are degraded into other components.

Can protein be "reverse-translated" into mRNA(even through middle steps)?
Are there any DNA/RNA free system available? 

The rearrangement of DNA cause the diversity of immunoglobulins. The
easily changed epitope make HIV to escape immune survailence. The proteins
are always outside nucleic acids. Can it be possible that the changes of
proteins cause the changes of "genetic materials"?

May be these are extreamly stupid questions. Anyway I will be gratefull if
you can give me any oppinions.

Thank you in advance.


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