looking for slippery, permeable, artificial membrane

Michael Levin mlevin at login5.fas.harvard.edu
Sat Oct 11 17:32:42 EST 1997

Can someone suggest where I can buy some of the following: a membrane
(artificial) which is slippery and very smooth - so that tissues can grow
and expand on it, and is also permeable to nutrients and other molecules.
Perhaps something like this is used in organ or tissue culture, etc. I am
basically trying to mimic the vitelline membrane covering the chicken
embryo. Chick embryos can be cultured on the vitelline membranes, but it
is a real pain in the butt to deal with the real one out of the egg. It
would make things much easier if I could buy sheets of the stuff, and
culture my embryos on it (laid over albumen). Please email
mlevin at fas.harvard.edu if you have any ideas. Thanks!

Mike Levin

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