Costar Transwell-col membrane

whko at whko at
Wed Oct 15 21:01:34 EST 1997

Dear Cell Biologists:
I have been routinely using the Transwell-COL membrane for cell culture.
However, I may have to use other substitutes in the near future. The
reason is we have to wait for "ages" before the distributor in Hong Kong
could deliver the products to us. I am now running out of the membrane
and we have been waiting for almost 10 months for our previous order!!!
I just wonder whether there is a shortage of production of the membrane
from Corning Costar so they could only entertain people in the
States/Europe OR it is just a problem of our distributor in Hong Kong.
Recently we have ordered the Anopore membrane (similar to Transwell-COL)
from Nunc and it only took them ONE month to deliver the product.
While we pay such an expensive price for the product (For one case of
24mm membrane, it costs us HK$ 2000 or US$263) as well as the
transportation fee, I don’t understand why we have to keep waiting for
so long.
Also, I have fired two complaints to the company through the Internet
but still haven’t receive any response!!
So my questions are:
1. Are there any other customers share the same experience with Costar??
2. What can I do??
Thank you!
Wing-hung KO

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