Short G1 phase

Tue Oct 21 18:56:57 EST 1997

Dear Biosci Netters:
We are working on a parasitic protozoa (Trichomonas vaginalis) with a
dominant G2 phase and a very short G1 phase (less than an hour).
Traditional G1 phase blockers do not have any effect on this protozoa.
Do you have any idea about the advantages of having such a short G1
phase and the possible biochemical differences between mammalian cell
division cycle.
Thanks in advance.
Petrus Tang, Ph.D. (¾H­P­è), Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Parasitology, College of Medicine,
Chang Gung University
259 Wenhwa 1st Road, Kweishan, Taoyuan 333, Taiwan.
TEL: +886-3-3283016 Ext-5136
FAX: +886-3-3283031
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