Hygromycin effect on cell cycle ?

Lei Li Lei_li at molgen.dma.uth.tmc.edu
Wed Oct 22 08:42:58 EST 1997

I have transfected the HT1080 (human fribrosarcoma)cells with a empty
vector bearing the hybromycin B selection marker. After the cell line
was established, I checked the cell cycle distribution by FACscan (PI
and BrdU) using unsynchronized mid-log phase cells. Unexpectedly, the
cycling status is: 12.% G1, 54.4% S, and 24% G2, which is somewhat
unexpected. The normal HT1080 cells, and most other human cells, do not
have such a high S-phase population.

Does any one know if the hygromycin (and other reagents used in
mammalian cell culture selectin - G418, etc.) does anything to the cell
cycle distribution ?

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