Breast cancer cell line - any suggestions ?

Stephen Knight stigh at
Thu Sep 4 12:05:33 EST 1997

There are quite a few human breast cell lines derived from tumors listed 
in the American Type Culture Collection, 3 of which were adenocarcinoma: 
HTB128, 130 , 132.   Unfortunately there was no comment on the Estrogen 
receptor. You could follow up with a literature search (i.e. 
MedLine) for recent characterization.   The adddress for the ATCC 
is: 12301 Parklawn Drive, Rockville MD, 20852 USA. FAX number is (301) 
231-5826, Tel. (outside USA) 1-301-881-2600.  The complete catalog is 
available on-line but you have to obtain the details from them, I 
suspect there might be a fee. Good luck.
Stephen Knight

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