monensin in cell culture

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 monensin in cell culture
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> Hi, I wish to grow up some THP-1 (monocytic) cells, which I plan to hit 
> with LPS so that they produce IL-8. But I want it stored 
> intra-cellularly, not secreted. I've heard that monensin can be used for 
> this sort of thing. Can anyone supply an expert opinion?

We have used monensin to inhibit antibody synthesis from plasmacytoma 
cells in culture and found that IgAs accumulate in the RER. It is a 
sodium ionophore that inhibits protein transport thu the Golgi 
apparatus (Tartakoff et al. 1981, Eur. J. Cell. Biol. 26: 188.)
We found that tunicamycin had a more dramatic effect, however.


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