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RE>Michael Ejercito wrote:
RE>>    You apparently do not understand biology or medicine. When the meat is
RE>> cooked to 160F,the bacteria die. Dead bacteria do not cause disease. When
RE>> food is canned,it is cooked at a high temperature to kill any
RE>> microorganisms.

RE>You might want to do some checking as well perhaps:
RE>1- Quite a few pathogens form spores, that can survive very high 
RE>   temperatures
RE>2- Micro-organisms can form heat resistant toxins, which would stay
RE>   active after the producers were killed of by heat.
RE>3- With respect to canning: botulism can still be caused by canned food,
RE>   it is the more common cause of spoilage in canned foods (that's why
RE>   you have to throw away bloated cans), and this is an example of toxin
RE>   poisening, so cooking botulism infected food will not do much good.



RE>Remco Vietor				Department of Agricultural, 
RE>remco at chem.gla.ac.uk            	Food and Enviromental Chemistry
RE>					University of Glasgow
RE>					U.K.

The botulism toxin is destroyed by boiling for 20 min. You still may not
want to eat the stuff from the blotted can as it likely won't taste very
good and it may be contaminated by metal from the can.

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