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Fri Sep 12 15:47:16 EST 1997

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fnunes at POP.NIDCD.NIH.GOV (Fabio Nunes) wrote:

> Is there anybody out there who has worked with different software for
> molecular biology (like DNAstar, Vector NTI ...) and has a preference for a
> good reason. I would like to have some feedback on the rational usability /
> price. You can reply to me directly.
> Thank you all

We use "DNA Strider" in our lab.  This is good for creating restriction
maps of circular or linear pieces of DNA, converting DNA sequence to
protein, analyzing proteins for amino acid composition and more.  This
program is something like 10 years old, but in my opinion, was 15 years
ahead of its day.  We have not found a comparable program since.  The best
part is that the original program version 1.0 is all you really need.  A
version 2.0 has come out but it is no real improvement for our purposes. 
I never paid for the first version (not my lab) but I was told it was dirt
cheap.  Check it out.

Rob (sorry I couldn't send directly too you, problems on my end...)


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