antibodies against non-muscle myosin?

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Sat Sep 27 09:47:08 EST 1997

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>Anybody out there who knows where to get antibodies against non-muscle
>myosin a and/or b ? We need them for a immunohistochemistry on fixed 
>tissue. If you have any information please contact me, thanks in 
>Christian Zähringer

Hello Christian (and others)--

Berkeley Antibody Company (BAbCO) has a couple of antibodies agasint
both non-muscle myosin a and non-muscle myosin b.  The different
antibodies are generated agasint sequences from different species.  In
fact, the cover of our product catalog has a photograph of
immunoflurescent localiaztion of nonmuscle myosin B in Xenopus A6

If interested in more info, a catalog, or info about overseas
distributors, please let me know.

Tom Anderson
Berkeley Antibody Company  (BAbCO)
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