Karyn VanDeMark karynvan at bu.edu
Mon Sep 29 13:05:40 EST 1997

I am looking for an alternative method to count cells in addition to trypan
blue staining which is very tedious for the number of samples I have. The
cells I am working with are adherent and are plated on a 6 well tissue culture
dish. Also, these cells are very transformed and tend to grow on top of each
other. I have access to both a colorimetric plate reader as well as a

Any advice would be greatly appreciated (sitting in front of the microscope
manually counting cells via a hemocytometer for hours is not fun!)

Thanks for your help.  My email address is karynvan at bu.edu
Karyn Van De Mark                  karynvan at acs.bu.edu
Laboratory Manager
Cancer Research Center, Boston University Medical School
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