Glycolipid help

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Tue Sep 30 02:56:11 EST 1997

  I am a senior in high school and a student of Advanced Placement Biology.
Recently, our reading concerning the cell membrane briefly mentioned
glycolipids among the units that reside in or around the membrane. An
accompanying diagram illustrated them much like the surrounding
phospholipids except for the carbohydrates which replaced the phosphate
group. When I asked my teacher, someone who is quickly becoming less
intelligent in my opinion, he responded that "glycolipids are just like big
cholesterols." This did not satisfy me and when I prompted him that they
very much, to me, resembled glycoproteins (which serve in cell-cell
recognition) that couldn't they serve much the same purpose (perhaps
attaching to complementary carbohydrate chains of other cells'
glycoproteins)? His response: "who cares, it won't be on the test." 
  I, however, would very much like to know what purpose they serve. Any
help would be much appreciated. 

								Ben Scott

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                                                              -J. Kilcher

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