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> I need help on concentrating secreted proteins from cultured primary cells.
> I've tried 70% EtOH precipitation but that didn't seem to work. I'll try
> AmSO4 precipitation next but I'm wondering if I should include say 0.1%
> TX-100 to help with the more hydrophobic proteins (maybe just to keep them
> from sticking to the wall of the centrifuge tube?). I'm collecting them in
> plain DME so I know the high salt concentration might prove a problem.
> Probably I could detect the proteins with silver staining but I'm thinking
> I'd need to be able to detect them with Coomassie staining before I'd have
> enough protein to hopefully isolate species of interest. I'd like to hear
> from anybody who has been successful at this.
> Don Fauss
> email: fauss at

How big is your protein? You may try to dialyse the conditioned supernate
to PBS, and spin the volume down one of those concentrators (with 10,000
Dalton cut-off filter)

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