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AD: Your three steps...

karen001 at INAME.COM karen001 at INAME.COM
Tue Apr 28 21:01:02 EST 1998

I hope you had a prosperous year in 1997.  I did, and I've
been reflecting this morning on how I did it.

You may know that I earn my living through direct marketing; mail
order, online sales, etc. I live a nice life, set my own hours, have
lots of time for my family. I'm truly lucky.

My neighbors have no idea what I do. They know I have no set schedule.
I leave the house when I want or just stay home. They know my kids go
to a private school. They must think I've won the lotto or something,
but so far no one has been brave enough to ask. (I think I'll keep
them in the dark for a while longer -- just for fun!)

Actually, I'm always glad to share with anyone what I do and how I do it.
It's really simple. In fact, I've broken it down to three easy steps:

Joann's Lazy Man's Way To Riches

1. Duplicate yourself.

2. Exploit the power of exponential growth.

3. Let someone else do all the work.

Now, you could do these steps just as well as I can, maybe better. The
only advantage I have over you is knowledge. And that's about to change!

Let me clarify these steps:

**Step 1. Duplicate yourself.** That just means that you're only one
person, and no matter if you're the best salesman in whole world,
there just isn't time enough in a day to make mega bucks. You've got
to duplicate yourself through advertising.

It's a numbers game. The more people you reach, the more you can
sell. From my past experience, if I reach 20,000 people I make
$12,000. It varies, but you can do the math if I reach 100,000
or even a million. And it doesn't have to be expensive to advertise.
I advertise everyday for FREE!

**Step 2. Exploit the power of exponential growth.** You resell to
your ever growing customer base. I recently brought in almost $30,000
just by reaching less than 3000 people with an offer for ONE product.
This is where the BIG bucks are made. The profits can be staggering.

FLASH: An associate and I have just discovered a way to use this
technique to bring in an exponentially growing monthly check. This
is the most powerful technique I have ever seen! We're talkin'
retirement in luxury here people! More about this in a moment...

**Step 3. Let someone else do all the work.** Well, this is kind of
self-explanatory. The point is that you don't have to quit your job,
or even do ANY extra work to put these steps into action. You can
even be just plain lazy if you want.

OK, So What's The Easiest Way For You
To Put These Steps Into Action?

I have an associate named Chris White. You may know of him. His ads
have generated millions in sales for himself and his clients. He's a
marketing genius and we share "insider" secrets and talk over ideas.

He recently *floored* me with one of his ideas. You know, I have kind of
a nose for money. It's really just using my experience. When Chris told
me about his system, I knew it was a winner. Man, I dropped everything
and started working on a way to apply his system to electronic marketing.

Chris's system utilizes my three steps to their fullest. I expect 1998
to be my best year ever by MANY times. I'm not kidding!

I've created a webpage where Chris explains more about his system.
Go to: http://www.online-success.com/proffer/system.htm

AOL users:
<A HREF="http://www.online-success.com/proffer/system.htm">CLICK HERE</A>

Here's a system where you don't have to do a thing. You're provided
with a proven ad, a quality product, and a way to build a huge monthly
income. There are people earning hundreds of thousands a month from
this concept already.

I intend to be one of those people VERY soon. How about you?

Looking forward to 1998,

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