Virtual Web Hosting Starting At $9.95!

Sun Aug 2 02:54:33 EST 1998

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           Virtual Web Hosting Starting at $9.95

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* Are you seeking the fastest web hosting solution for your

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* Would you like to add new features like video and
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* Would you like to work only part time hours yet earn a
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We are Cyber Media, a 3 year old Internet firm that
specializes in providing the best web hosting solutions
available and the services that will help you double your
online sales.

Here's how we can help you.

We offer you the fastest web hosting solution available today.
We are directly connected to the world's fastest backbone
(35 T3's).  As an added bonus, America Online users are
connected directly to this backbone, meaning your page will
load lightning quick for all the over eight million AOL users!

We have super quick and easy to set up autoresponders.
(Unlimited!)  Close more sales by offering non web users an
easy way to get your sales info through email!  ZAPs your
sales message(s) to your hot prospects in SECONDS!

We are completely different from our competition in many

We are among fewer than five web hosting companies that
use load balancing. We host our customers on MULTIPLE
servers which guarantees uptime and also means your web
site is loaded from the FASTEST server at all times.

We have a revolutionary statistics program that gives you
not only simple stats about your site such as how many times
your site has been visited, but even HOW LONG AN
information can help you make your web site more
interactive, keep customers at your site longer, and improve
your sales!

To find out more about our web hosting services, please call
us toll free at (800) 600-0343  ext 1655


"Since I've been with Cyber Media, I have gone from playing
with the Internet with inadequate tools, to actually working
with the proper tools provided by Cyber Media (Shopping
cart, autoresponders, email addresses, and faster servers). 
I have also noticed that the speed of their servers is much
faster and the quality of the support improved immensely.  I
used to be with Webcom and could never reach anyone on
the phone, and rarely had my calls returned.  I was raised in
an era where customer support was important, it is to me,
and you are the first company I've worked with on the
Internet who has not only met my expectations but totally
surpassed them!  Thank you again."

Kendall Berry -


"I have been with Cyber Media for the last 3 years and they
have always been there when I've had a question, and have
quickly resolved any problems that I have had.  I constantly
recommend them to my customers.

Marc Sylvester


"I am very satisfied with the speedy support service of
Cyber Media. If I have a question, I can email and receive a
quick solution. I like that. I also like having secured pages
and unlimited autoresponders. Since I started my site on
April 1, 1996 with Cyber hits have grown to
32,000 a month and increasing. I am collecting money
almost daily from my web site...which I never thought I
would. It's amazing! Thanks to Cyber Media for being a
good web site host."

Lorrin L. Lee, PhD

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