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Mon Aug 3 11:28:32 EST 1998

Kalvert Personnel Service, Inc. is a professional recruitment firm
specializing in the Diagnostic, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
industries. Our extensive contacts, knowledge and understanding of these
fields offer candidates a wide spectrum of career opportunities. One of
our client companies is seeking two candidates, one in Clinical
Laboratory Sciences or Cell Biology and the other in Biomedical

The candidate should have an expertise in one of the following:

Flow Cytometry or Flow Particle analysis or Cell Biology or Cellular
Immunology or Hematology or Cell Separation.

Position #1.  Cellular Analysis

Determination of hematology parameters including red cell and platelet
parameters,  based on light scatter information from a flow cytometer.
Work with biochemists and hematology scientists to determine instrument
requirements for development of a hematology menu as well as cellular
assays. This will include definition of the algorithm for identification
of target cell populations, red cell volume, MCHC, etc. BS/MS/Ph.D in
Clinical Laboratory Sciences or Cell Biology or Biomedical Engineering.
Competitive Compensation.

Position #2. Cellular Analysis

Work with reagent development scientists and software engineers to
design cell identification and classification algorithms for integration
with immunoassay user interface. Responsibilities also include working
with instrument design engineers to design and refine cellular sample
handling fluidics. Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering or Clinical
Laboratory Sciences or Cell Biology. Post-Doctoral or formal training on
above will be accepted in lieu of industrial or clinical experience.
Competitive Compensation.


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