Molecular biology Post-doc in Portugal

Marc Ohresser mohres at
Tue Aug 4 10:08:04 EST 1998

Molecular biology Post-doc in Portugal

Algarve University (Faro, Sound of Portugal) offers, starting in October 98
and for 1 year minimum, a position of molecular biologist (post-doc) for
its molecular biology laboratory (Pr Leonor Cancela, e-mail:
lcancela at

This young team develops in a marine biology context (aquaculture,
biotechnologies and ecology) their research programs on :
Fish ossification, population genetics of fish, marine mollusc cellular
biology and environmental adaptation of algae. To date, 3 professors, 4
post-docs et 5 PhD make up this multidisciplinary team.

- PhD in Cellular Biology, Physiology or Biochemistry (molecular biology)
- Experience in eucaryotic molecular biology (a broad spectrum of known
techniques would be appreciate) and cell culture

The candidate will work on several current projects about expression and
function of BGP and MGP proteins in fish. These proteins, Bone Gla Protein
and Matrix Gla Protein, are implied in calcification regulation of soft,
bony and cartilaginous tissues.
The work will include the supervision of PhD students and a general
technical support concerning other programs.

270 000 escudos (about 1350 ECU or 1800 US dollars) per month, free of

Please, sent your application (e-mail preferred) at:

Marc Ohresser
Universidade do Algarve UCTRA
Campus de Gambelas
8000 Faro
Tel: (351) 89 800 900 ext. 7217  Fax: (351) 89 818 353  e-mail: mohres at

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