Mitochondrial respiration

Tero Yli-Kyyny Tero.Yli-Kyyny at Helsinki.Fi
Tue Aug 4 08:32:50 EST 1998

Hi you all out there!

I am having a problem with the mitochondrial respiration. I have
isolated mitochondria from rat liver by differential centrifugation
(time taken for the procedure approx 1h). However, the mitos don't
respirate with malate/pyruvate, malate/glutamate or malate/citrate. They
function very well with using the succinate as substrate and show
respiratory control ratios between 5 and 6 using the ADP.

So, with a high resp. control ratio they should be intact (they don't
respirate with NADH, either). Why then do they not respirate on other
substrates mentioned above? Having any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Tero Yli-Kyyny
Tero.Yli-Kyyny at Helsinki.Fi

Dept. of Medical Chemistry
Institute of Biomedicine
University of Helsinki

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