New Plasmid Drawing Program!

Victor Levenson levenson at
Thu Aug 6 17:23:39 EST 1998

"Danny Reda" <reda at> wrote:

>Introducing Redasoft Plasmid 1.0 - an exciting new software tool designed to
>help life scientists draw vector maps and perform DNA sequence analysis
>quickly and easily.
>Plasmid includes revolutionary new features such as an integrated web
>browser and the ability to instantly convert a Genbank file from the
>Internet into a fully labeled graphical vector map!
>We have just added a FREE and fully functional test version of Plasmid for
>Windows 95/98/NT to our Web site. Visit to get your copy

Frankly, I got so sick of compulsory advertising by IE4.0 as well as
by their shovelling down my throat what search engines to use and how
to use them, etc, etc ad noseum, that I switched back to IE3.01. So,
Thanks, but no, thanks to the trial version of your program. I would
be willing to try it for a month or so if you want to distribute trial
copies on that basis.

BTW, the program that I use now, Clone Manager by Scientific and
Educational Software, gives pretty nice graphics as well... (No
affiliation, just like their stuff)

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