New Plasmid Drawing Program!

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: Frankly, I got so sick of compulsory advertising by IE4.0 as well as
: by their shovelling down my throat what search engines to use and how
: to use them, etc, etc ad noseum, that I switched back to IE3.01. So,
: Thanks, but no, thanks to the trial version of your program.

I feel similarly - so I use Netscape.  Actually, I'd really like to use
Lynx but so many companies I deal with insist on having frames and
imagemaps, and no text alternatives.

: I would
: be willing to try it for a month or so if you want to distribute trial
: copies on that basis.

Even if I were a regular Winblows user I doubt I'd want to use any
software that tied me in to another defined piece.  "Must have a
java-compatible browser" - fine, must use "a particular version of a
particular software" - no thanks.  That opens a whole can of worms.

Followups set.


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