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Sun Aug 9 05:35:57 EST 1998

2-year postdoctoral position in Rome, Italy, in the area of: Fas/Apo-1
receptor and apoptosis regulation.

The European Commission has recently agreed to fund a Research Network
(Training and Mobility of Researchers, TMR) to investigate the "Regulation
of apoptosis in tissue homeostasis and cancer: role of TNF-R1 and
Fas/Apo-1". The main goal of the project is the definition of the molecular
requirements for the generation and intracellular transmission of the
apoptotic signal from the TNF-R1 and Fas/Apo-1 surface receptors in
transformed cells. Understanding the biochemical nature of the regulation
of the apoptotic signal is of major relevance in cancer biology. The
network consists of 8 groups (R. Beyaert, Gent; P. Daniel, Berlin, who is
also coordinator; P. Golstein, Marseille; L. O'Neill, Dublin; G. Ruberti,
Rome; K. Schulze-Ostoff, Tubingen;  R. Testi, Rome,  E. Yonish-Rouach,
Fontenay aux Roses). Regular meetings are held between the participants.

Research Topic
The specific topics for this vacancy concern the mechanisms of Fas/Apo-1
apoptosis protection by PI 3-kinase and PKB activation and the
identification of novel apoptosis-regulating Fas/Apo-1 and
Caspase-associated molecules.

Candidates must be younger than 35 years and must be nationals of countries
belonging to, or associated with the European Union, except Italy. They
should preferably have experience in the field of signal transduction and
protein biochemistry.

Group and Location
The research group consists of 2 students and 3 postdoc's. The lab is well
equipped and located at the Institute of Cell Biology, National Research
Council (CNR) Rome, directed by Glauco Tocchini-Valentini  in a new
building in the A. Buzzati-Traverso Campus in Monterotondo. The scientists
at the Institute of Cell Biology are working on subjects that include
transcription factors, RNA processing, DNA-topoisomerases, tumor viruses,
HLA, signal transduction, apoptosis, myogenesis and human genetics of
autoimmune diseases. In Monterotondo the CNR laboratories  share the site,
the equipment and the facilities with an EMBL outstation consisting of
three group  leaders,  dedicated to mouse genetics and directed by Klaus
Rajewsky and with the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA). EMMA is
supported by the EC and its functions parallel those of the Jackson's Lab
in USA.

Approximately 20000 ECU/year

For information contact Dr. Giovina Ruberti. Send your application,
including CV, list of publications and the names of two referees, to: Dr.
Giovina Ruberti, Institute of Cell Biology, National Research Council, Via
E. Ramarini 32 - 00016 Monterotondo Scalo (Rome) - Italy, phone
+39-6-90091263 (or 254), fax: +39-6-90091260,
 e.mail: giovina at

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