Limited Offer...E-Mail Database...Oppty Seekers!

Cole nacatai96 at
Sun Aug 9 00:18:38 EST 1998

Hello Internet Marketer, 

For a LIMITED time only, we are making available the finest
collection of email addresses ever offered on the Internet.
It is the finest because it is our own and it has been carefully
maintained and has NEVER been used by anyone else.

We are faced with a family crisis and are in need of some 
serious funds. We are making this "one time" offering. 
We never planned putting our database of collected addresses 
up for grabs but for now, it's the best we have and worth far more 
than what we are asking.

I have built a targeted email database in excess of 216,000 

addresses of classified advertisers. I have been extracting 
addresses from hundreds of classified ad sites on the internet. 
I have put in hundreds of hours over the last 5 months putting 
together the cleanest and finest database of Opportunity Seekers 
who regularly advertise both products and services.

Make no mistake, this list is far more valuable than any random 
email disk sold on the internet today. A targeted list of fellow 
entrepreneurs is highly valued by responsible emailers today.

Knowing that 97% of marketers on the internet change products 
or services at least once every 90 days; can you see the value 
of a highly targeted email list of active classified advertisers?

Here is our offer:

We will make the entire database available until August 19th 
for $65. They will be emailed to you in text format. If you 
prefer to have them mailed to you on a floppy disk, please add $5.

We will make this list available to the first 40 buyers only. At that time 
we will have met our need. This is our 2nd mailing. We have received 
16 orders as of 8/7.

If you are interested, send a check or money order to the following: 

Annette Cole 
42-335 Washington St. #F-351
Palm Desert, Ca.     92211

Thank you,
Annette Cole

Email me to confirm your order, we are limiting th

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