serching: antibody against mouse alpha-fetoprotein

Sergey A. Synenko SergeyS at
Tue Aug 11 21:13:30 EST 1998

Dear Dr. Reinhard Windoffer,

Recently I have developed hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies (IgG)
to human alpha-fetoprotein.
Now I am engaged in the antibody specificity analysis. Previously two of
antibodies react with AFP from fetal murine liver (by competitive ELISA),
and one of them has affinity similar as well as for human AFP. Also this
antibodies react with bovine and sheep AFP.
For greater reliability I would like to test up the antibodies on binding
with pure murine AFP, however I have not pure one.
In any case I can presented to you the antibodies for immunohistochemistry


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>I am looking for an antibody against mouse! alpha-fetoprotein. We would
>like to perform immunohistochemistry on mouse tissue.
>Has someone made positive experiences with any antibody against this


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