imail22 at USA.NET imail22 at USA.NET
Tue Aug 11 23:52:54 EST 1998

ðBulk email......
    ð Absolutely the most powerful form of advertising available today. 
      ð Dollar-for-dollar, it blows away any other form of advertising in the 
          amount of sales generated per advertising dollar spent.
          ð With over 45 million users on the Internet, the potential for new
                business or sales via bulk e-mail is simply incredible! 
             ***** We can make your bulk email ad campaign EASY! *****
                 Let us do the work and handle any flames or complaints!
         Need help getting started? No problem! We can create an ad for you!
    ðððð It is our standard policy to mail 20% over the amount contracted ðððð

                                           For more information:
                                           Malthome at usa.net

                      Please include your name, address, phone number 
                                    and best time to contact you
                  Someone from our office will contact you within 48 hours

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