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*** P r o f e s s i o n a l   D i r e c t   E m a i l   S e r v i c e s***


If your sales figures are slipping or your web site traffic is non-existent, READ ON!  Recent 
legislation passed not only legitimizes commercial email, but eliminates any doubt about legalities 
with respect to the delivery of commercial email.  This is exciting news for Internet advertisers!  
Now is your chance to LEGITIMATELY and LEGALLY broadcast your messages to thousands, 
even millions of TARGETED recipients for only pennies per lead!

Direct Commercial Email is a fast, effective and simple way to deliver your advertisements to the 
email boxes of HIGHLY TARGETED Internet users.  Increase sales OVERNIGHT, and explode web 
site traffic!  Responses from a commercial email campaign generally start coming in WHILE THE 
EMAIL IS STILL BEING DELIVERED!  This makes direct commercial email one of the most 
efficient advertising mediums EVER!  

For the first time in 3 years, you have the opportunity to gain access to our ever-growing 
database of targeted email leads.  These leads have been painstakingly maintained, updated, 
compared against huge remove databases and categorized!  This special email promotion entitles 
you to receive 25,000 Targeted Email Addresses (Business Opportunity Seekers) for only $69.00!  
Each list is UNIQUE – our database contains over 3 million Opportunity Seekers, and we will sell 
ONLY 100 UNIQUE LISTS!  See order form below for ordering information.

In addition to the Opportunity Seekers List, we have the ability to target nearly ANY market.  
Whether you are selling Artwork or Sports Equipment, we can compile a targeted list for you ON 
DEMAND.   Call or email us at infofast at for more information.

We also offer message delivery services – Protect your dial up Internet Service Provider!  Let us 
deliver your message!  Email us at infofast at with a detailed request.

FREE BONUSES!  (First 50 Orders)

FREE Desktop Mail Server bulk email software – deliver your messages WITHOUT a BULK 
FREE Targeted Email Address Extractor – extract 1,000's of targeted addresses in minutes!
FREE Shopping Cart System for your web site – process orders online securely, FREE!

*Electronic Fulfillment via email.

ORDER NOW!  (Complete this order form and fax payment to the number below.)

SA Marketing Group
PO Box 302
Chatham, IL 62629
FAX LINE (217)483-7403
VOICE LINE (217)483-4015 (Orders not accepted over the phone)

Name      _______________________________

Address  _______________________________

Address2 _______________________________

City         _______________________________

St / ZIP   _______________________________

Email      _______________________________

Tel (Day)_______________________________

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER.  All information is verified before order 

Name On Card _________________________
Card Type  [  ] VISA  [  ] Mastercard  [  ] Discover

Card Number ____________________________

Expiration Date __________________

I hereby authorize merchant to charge my credit card the amount of $69 US Dollars, one time, for 
the purchase of 25,000 targeted email addresses which will be fulfilled electronically via email.  I 
understand that the addresses are not guaranteed for any particular purpose or fitness, and that 
the addresses may NOT be used in any illegal fashion.  I agree that disputed credit card charges 
will result in the forwarding of said accounts to collection agencies which can adversely affect 

Signature of Cardholder _____________________________________  Date ___-___-_1998_


SA Marketing Group
PO Box 302
Chatham, IL 62629
FAX LINE (217)483-7403
VOICE LINE (217)483-4015 (Orders not accepted over the phone)

Attach a valid check to the bottom of this form, or on a separate page.  Make checks payable to 
SA Marketing Group for the amount of $69.00.  Check payment may require 3-4 days to process.  
Please include BANK PHONE NUMBER for speedy order processing.  

[Attach Check Here]

This message is sent in full compliance with all legislation relevant to the delivery of commercial 
email messages.  For prompt removal from all future mailings, please reply to this email with 
REMOVE in the SUBJECT field.

Message Delivered by:
SA Marketing Group
PO Box 302
Chatham IL 62629
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