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A Natural Male Potency Pill For Men Who Wish To Stay Virile

If you knew six months ago the impact VIAGRA was going to have, would you have wanted to be able to set yourself up as a distributor of the product? 
Assuming, of course, that there was a profit potential worth working for! Of 
course you would have unless you had something against being wealthy 
beyond your wildest dreams. That opportunity is HERE, right NOW!

TWINLAB has developed a natural product to enhance male potency 
without the side effects of VIAGRA.* It is marketed exclusively through 
Changes International. Instead of TEN dollars per dose for VIAGRA, the Changes product MILAGRO will cost between 67 cents and $1.34 per dose for the wholesale purchaser, and between $1 and $2 for the retail purchaser - 15 doses - 

Retail Price $29.95. Distributor Price $19.67

MILAGRO is a natural male potency pill that truly represents a revolution in 
male nutritional support; With a synergistically designed all natural 
formula that provides total systemic support for men who wish to stay healthy, 
strong, and virile for decades to come. The balanced formula in MILAGRO; nutritionally supports: increased 
desire, erectile function, ejaculatory control and improved fertility. 
This is quite a departure from other libido products that only 
address erectile function or prostate health but do not provide the 
comprehensive and balanced nutritional support required for total male 
reproductive health.*

Put that bit of fire back into your relationship.

What a business opportunity to go along with the best pay plan out there in 
our industry already. Can you imagine the impact this will have on our income 
and our growthline development?  TWINLAB has committed their immense 
resources and research capabilities to make Changes International the biggest 
and most profitable network marketing company out there. TWINLAB is lending 
their thirty years of credibility and success to reach that goal.

All we have to do is take advantage of it. Do NOT miss this opportunity

Basic Body support products provide essential nutrients, natural defense, 
digestive support and brain power.  Our Enhanced Body products include 
joint and tendon ease, weight ideal, and sleep support.  Do 
you want to feel better, look younger, have more energy, and live 

Mail your order for $29.95 TO RET, 6006 Greenbelt Road., Suite 313, Greenbelt, MD 20770  (Visa, Mastercard and checks (held for clearance).

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