Telomeric Theory of Aging

ufotruth at ufotruth at
Wed Aug 19 10:40:33 EST 1998

Thomas Mahoney,

Thanks for posting that very informative and interesting article! Keep
on posting any more similar information or articles! :-)

I have a question. I have heard lately of the creation of telomerase
"Knock Out Mice" that have the gene for telomerase removed from them.
Do you think it is possible that mice could be created or genetically
engineered that had the telomerase gene in every single one of their

It seems that this would be an awsome experiment if it could be
performed. It could help us deterimine just how much telomerase
therapy could increase lifespan, whether activiation of telomerase
causes cancer, and whether there are any other side effects.

Best Regards,

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