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>I wish to transfect a reporter plasmid into Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes
>(PBLs).  At present, i have no problems transfecting T-Cell lines such as
>SupT1 and PM1 cells using DEAE-Dextran method, however, there is little, if
>any literature that i can find on the transfection of PBLs (except by the
>use of virus).  So far DEAE-Dextran method has failed to give me a result
>(usually acompanied by high cell death).
>Does anyone have any suggestions (or references).
>Y. A. Malik
´Qiagen claims that their new effectene  reagent is particularly
suitable for transfection of primary cells, but I have not used it
yet; their superfect was excellent for transfection of breast cancer
cell lines!

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