signle cell organisms

JJ Miranda atlantis at
Tue Aug 18 20:19:56 EST 1998

Elena Nelson (erikjase at EARTHLINK.NET) wrote:
: i just want to know if these signle cell organisms ever die? 

By definition, all life dies.

: All they do
: is make a copy of themselves right?, and so on.

Some metabolize, move, cause diseases...  this might fall under the "and 
so on" section but it's some pretty darn interesting so ons...

: do these organism have a
: mind of there own? 

For a long time scientists have been trying ot define a "mind."  If you 
are talking about a network of neural cells like a human brain or spine, 
then no.

: can they make there on decisions?

Do even humans make their own decisions?  The question of free will and 
determinism is more of a philosophical than biological question.  If you 
are talking about free will, then that's a question no one can answer at 
this point in science.

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