Telomeric Theory of Aging

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>what happens if you ligate a huge telmore onto a DNA, like some
>ridiculously long sequence?  would the DNA be able to divide for an
>excessive amount of time?

Yes!  That's similar to having active telomerase in the cell which basically 
makes the cell immortal.

>what happens if you ligate  a telomere from one species onto DNA from
>another species?  does the new telomere still help the cell live longer?  

Human chromosomes terminate in a series of T2AG3 repeats, which, together
with associated proteins, are essential for chromosome stability.  Most 
mammalian cells appear to have this same sequence, however, saccharomyces, 
have telomeres with TG1-3 repeats.  Interchanging these two types of 
telomeres would not be feasible but for most species their telomeres are 
biologically identical, varying only in length.

>p.s. why is this message cross-posted to  alt.binaries.nospam.panties?  now
>there's a difficult scientific problem.

Who knows?  Maybe that groups interested in our research as well;-)  

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