Get a FREE Nokia 6160 w/FREE airtime through AT&T

remuv_me at HOTMAIL.COM remuv_me at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 20 14:54:11 EST 1998

A Revolutionary new company is offering Nokia's newest, top
of the line cell phone which features:

	*E-mail text messaging
	*Dual Band (analog & digital)
	*Caller ID
	*Voice Mail
	*3-way calling
	*600 minutes of airtime on AT&T's wireless network
	*No Roaming Charges
	*No Long Distance Charges
	*One rate for all 50 States
	*Covers 95% of the USA

Earn this phone for FREE, plus FREE airtime with new referral program.

For details call 1-800-600-0343 ext. 1735.

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