Transfection of suspension cells ?

Amir Malik Yamalik at
Thu Aug 20 19:26:21 EST 1998

You can also try DEAE-Dextran.  I've just started using it to transfect
T-cell lines and it seems to work fine for me.  I should point out that
currently with this technique, i'm experiencing cell loss of about 60%.
Also, a number of kits are available such as Pfx (promega) and FuGene
(Bouhrringer Man.[spelling???).

AMS Dept.
Reading Uni.

Incheol Shin wrote in message <6rdn7p$5ok$1 at>...
>Hi all,
>Anybody out there ever performed transfection of
>suspension culture cell lines (e.g. HL-60, K562 etc.)
>with transfectAMINE agent ? or other liposome
>dependent transfection system ?
>I'd like to know is there any difference of
>transfection efficiency between suspension
>culture cells and anchorage dependent cells like
>Cos-7 or NIH 3T3. Or is there any other efficient
>transfection method for the suspension culture cells ?
>Any of your kind input would be greatly appreciated,
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