Telomeric Theory of Aging

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>>Nor can you *rule in* that telomeric loss is a causative factor in the
>aging of
>>any organism.
>>Excelife wrote:
>>> Without further research we cannot rule out telomeric loss as being a
>>> causative factor in the aging of mice.
>    Causative?.  Why?.  Only one cause in the aging?.

Since this discussion is being conducted in the newsgroups instead of the 
Networks it's obvious that no research has discovered the actual cause or 
causes of aging.  The best we can do is look at the findings to date and see 
if we can make some sense of them.

I personally think the telomeric theory of aging,(see original post to this 
string and watch for future posts), provides the analysis that describes most 
if not all research findings to date and provides a framework for future 

The key here is that the research is being conducted to test this theory and 
we will know in the very near future whether it is accurate or if we have to 
come up with an alternative explanation.

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Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.

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