Telomeric Theory of Aging

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>I'll completely agree with you that research into the role of
>telomeres/telomerase in *cell life* is quite valid, and in fact very

This is a common view and perfectly legitimate.  So this research in 
conjunction with growth factor research may only be able provide a safe blood 
supply, re-grow bones, skin and various organs as well as making a patients 
own bone marrow available for transplant among numerous other possibilities. 
I guess you could call that interesting.

>But if you want to find the fountain of youth...well, good luck to ya.

Thank you!  I think we'll give that a try!

>Like I said before, there are a helluva lot of things that go on that cause 
cell death much earlier than the shortening of telomeres to a critical 

Of course if the surrounding tissue have sufficient replicative capacity 
remaining then most of the cells that die will be replaced.

>Simply lengthening telomeres ain't gonna do it.

On this we do agree! Between the research into telomeres and the various 
growth factors we may be able to solve the problems of age-related genetic 
expression, cellular prolification and replicative capacity but we would 
still have the problems associated with non-replicating cellular systems.

That's one of the reasons the field you are in becomes so important.  If 
methods could be developed to maintain the viability of neural cells, 
possibly utilizing Aubrey de Greys' mitochondrial aging theory, then we could 
be well on our way to finding that fabled fountain of youth.

By the way I'm trying to find a cite. from a NASA research study from the 
early 70s that caused nerve cells to revert to their embryonic state and 
reproduce by changing the ionic charge across their cellular membranes.  If 
you can find the citatation for this or similar experimentation I would 
greatly appreciate it.

Thomas Mahoney, Pres.
Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.

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