Telomeric Theory of Aging

Austin Seo (Hae Jin) haejin at
Wed Aug 19 21:05:40 EST 1998

I'll completely agree with you that research into the role of
telomeres/telomerase in *cell life* is quite valid, and in fact very

But if you want to find the fountain of youth...well, good luck to ya. Like I
said before, there are a helluva lot of things that go on that cause cell death
much earlier than the shortening of telomeres to a critical length.

Simply lengthening telomeres ain't gonna do it.

Excelife wrote:

> Since this discussion is being conducted in the newsgroups instead of the
> Networks it's obvious that no research has discovered the actual cause or
> causes of aging.  The best we can do is look at the findings to date and see
> if we can make some sense of them.
> I personally think the telomeric theory of aging,(see original post to this
> string and watch for future posts), provides the analysis that describes most
> if not all research findings to date and provides a framework for future
> studies.
> The key here is that the research is being conducted to test this theory and
> we will know in the very near future whether it is accurate or if we have to
> come up with an alternative explanation.


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