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(The murkowski bill passed with flying colors on 8/6/98)
(CAUTION: What you are about to read is a CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET that
the credit bureaus and creditors are hoping that you do not learn!)

Anyone can "LEGALLY" have a new credit file within days! These are the
very same credit secrets that the well to do (rich) people and celebrities have been doing for years.  It 
works with Bankruptcies, Judgments, and it's "LEGAL".    We show you how to "LEGALLY" establish a 
new credit file within 15 minutes

* There are three "LEGAL" ways to start a new credit file. Our manual will show you how

* Add years of established credit to your new file within 30 days

* How to start a new credit file in your business name

* Improve your current credit file

* Much much more

Don't let the credit bureaus, the creditors, and the know it all naysayers take away your hopes and 
dreams.  This manual was written (attorney approved) to conform within all of the consumer credit laws.

Stop paying the thousands of dollars of higher interest because you have bad credit.

If you are tired of being rejected and embarrassed everytime you apply for credit. Make the move now!

Need more info? Email us at: eovendor at
and you will be emaile'd the complete info within minutes.

Questions? Please call us at: 816-891-7393

Hey, are you looking for a way to cut strokes off of your golf game?


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