Mycoplasma tests

David Obeso Dobeso at
Tue Aug 25 03:20:29 EST 1998

Lone Olsen wrote:

> Hello
> Is there anybody who knows a reliable pcr-based method for mycoplasma test
> of cell culture?
> We currently  use a kit from Stratagene, but we would like to use another
> kit from a different supplier as an alternative in case of false
> positive/negative.
> Best regards
> Lone
> (lone.olsen at


We use Gen-Probe Mycoplasma Detection System, it is not a PCR based method,
instead of that employs the principle of nucleic acid hybridization to detect
mycoplasma in tissue culture. It is a kit with a H3 labeled DNA probe
homologous to Mycoplasma and Acholeplasma ribosomal RNA. It detects all
species which commonly infect tissue cultures. In my experience, it is a very
fast (3 hours) and very reliable method.
Write me if you want more information.

David Obeso
(Dobeso at

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