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On 25 Aug 1998 12:25:38 -0700, jjc3 at LEHIGH.EDU ("Dr. Jim Campanella")

>>hy! i am a student from cololmbia.
>> I need to get a vibrio cholerae if its possible, sen me it.... it´s very
>>If someone is reading this... please send it to my e-mail.....
>>anyway.... thanks
>>  EDgar m. moreno
>Is it just me, or is anyone else scared spitless by
>requests like these for pathogenic organisms?
>Jim Campanella
>Lehigh University
>Dept. of Biological Sciences
Sounds like he is not able to get it in a legal way (order it from
ATCC?) . If I had it I would not send it to him at least not without
asking lots of embarassing questions.
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