Breakthrough in Cellular Medicine!!!

Marvin Margoshes physchem at
Fri Aug 28 09:13:11 EST 1998

Interesting.  Pauling died several years ago.  He was an amazing scientist,
but who knew he would keep working from the grave?

Tim Nield wrote in message <6s64ko$t4a$1 at>...
>Spread the news - over the last decade Dr Matthias Rath & Prof Linus
>have been solving the riddle of cellular treatments for a range of
>cardiovascular disorders. After many years of trying to over come the
>agendas of the pharma-cartel we have resorted to informing all interesed
>newsgroups of this solution.
>go look at to see the information, clinical studies and
>testimonials on this new form of medicine.
>Peter Lubke wrote in message ...
>>I need to know what Phycoerythrin and Phycocyanin are soluble in.
>>I am attempting to find out if the two least common chlorophyll types
>>mentioned above are present in some leaf samples that I am working with
>>unless I can extract them I won't be able to put them through the
>>I'd really appreciate any assistance!!!

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