Identify Author?

Excelife excelife at
Mon Aug 31 13:54:35 EST 1998

Aubrey de Grey wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> A quick net search found it at
> The author seems to be a student at the College of Charleston named
> John Clark.
> Cheers, Aubrey

Well thank you!  It couldn't have been too quick a search.  I tried for 
a couple hours to find that site! Then again, your literature and 
apparently net search abilities have always been the best and have 
helped point me in the right direction on several previous occasions.

I did want to credit John Clark for his fine descriptions, analysis and 
research ideas which, as Tom Matthews said, were very informative.

Thank you again Aubrey, for finding the URL!

Tom Mahoney

Thomas Mahoney, Pres.
Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.

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