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>The truth is out there man.  it's on the x-files.  the aliens have the
>antidote to death but the cancer man is hiding it.

Even though it is a little off topic late me just state that I believe
that our government has and is covering up and suppressing many
different things. The reason it is and can do this is because it is so
large, powerful, and well financed.

The thing I fear is that if a certain company, lets say one in the
future (this is a made up name) "TeloINC" created a therapy that could
reverse the aging process that the federal government would tell them
that due to "national security" they would have to stop their
research, they could not sell their therapy or get it approved, or
that their research would be regulated by the government.

Or, in the worst case scenerio, the government might just shut them
down, take the info from the company, and do their own top secret

I am sure that the government/military could make up some interesting,
but of course not valid, excuses to claim that the technology or
therapy threatened "national security" which can be used to coverup
almost anything.

If a cure for aging is discovered in my opinion it should be emailed
accross the internet to as many individuals, websites, usenet groups,
and companys as possible so there will be NO CHANCE that the
information could be suppressed.

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