Erythroid differentiation induction

Lubomira Chakalova lchak at OBZOR.BIO21.BAS.BG
Tue Dec 1 08:05:15 EST 1998

Dear colleagues,

I have just obtained a murine erythroleukemia cell line, BB88 from ATCC.
According to ATCC erythroid differentiation and hemoglobin synthesis are
inducible by DMSO. I have been trying to induce erythroid differentiation
by 5-day treatment with 1.5% and 2% DMSO. I used the benzidine assay to
detect the hemoglobin that was supposed to accumulate in at least a
subpopulation of the cells. This assay gave negative results. There were
cells that continued to divide up to the 5th day, while a substantial part
of the cells died by that time.

If anybody else has had similar problems with inducing erythroid
differentiation, please give me some hints.

Thank you very much.

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