Millipore introduces ZipTips, pipette tips for sample preperation

Millipore Corporation biofilter at
Tue Dec 1 10:47:27 EST 1998

Now desalt a few microliters of femtomole-level peptide in under 60
seconds with Millipore's new ZipTip pipette tips for sample
preparation.  ZipTip C18 is a 10 microliter pipette tip with 0.6 ml of
C18 resin fixed at its end such that there is no dead volume.  In
operation, ZipTip is placed on a standard single or multi-channel
pipettor.  The sample is aspirated and dispensed through the resin to
bind and wash peptides or small proteins.  Elution is in 1 - 4 uL of
acetonitrile/water.  ZipTip is ideal for preparing samples for 
Mass Spectroscopy or other analytical techniques.  Unlike other
methods, ZipTips saves time by providing a fast, ready-to-use device
for off-line sample preparation.

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