AD: Business Proposal

Sun Dec 6 09:39:55 EST 1998

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Financially Free Networker seeks up to three internet literate associates.

   I will set you up in and teach you a very profitable, enjoyable
home-based business. You should be ambitious, coachable, 
able to demonstrate success in your present/past career activities, 
entrepreneurial, and able to devote 15 to 20 hours a week. 
  Your total start-up costs less than $500.  Only those seriously 
eager to be successfully self-employed and willing to work hard 
for a few years to create a lifetime income should reply.  
Phone (630) 572-4256 or email Tommy at
          Tommy Sanders Enterprises 
          3900 N. Sherwood Ave. 
          Peoria, Illinois USA 
          Tommy at 

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