Yahoo! Club about Cell Biology

jgalletti at jgalletti at
Tue Dec 8 00:55:37 EST 1998

I'm the founder and administrator of the only available Yahoo! Club on Cell
Biology right now. We are trying to get some discussions going on over there.
If you like Cell Biology, and you would like to discuss Cell Biology issues
don't hesitate to join the Cell Biology club. It is completely free! From
elementary school students to university professors, everyone is welcome
there. The address is . You have to
become a member in order to be able to post messages. I have full control
over the messages, so I'll try to keep the area free of trash. If you want to
have serious discussions, no matter at what level, Cell Biology, a Yahoo!
Club, is the place to do it.

Jeremias, the founder and administrator.

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