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Mon Dec 14 03:09:31 EST 1998

This transmission is being sent to you in compliance with the proposed
Federal legislation for commercial e-mail (S.1618 - SECTION 301).
"Pursuant to Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 1618, further
transmissions to you by the sender of this e-mail may be stopped at
no cost to you by sending a reply to mailto: nononono_1998 at with 
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Limited Time Offer!!!

Email Addresses CDRom with Emailing Software For Sale!

Hongkong email address:      400,000 
Taiwan email address:      1,000,000
Other email address:      26,000,000
 Total:                   28,400,000

Imagine this, even if 0.01% of 28,000,000 people want to buy your
product(s) or service(s) and you make US$20 out of each deal,
you make US$ 28,000,000 * 0.0015 * 20 = US$ 840,000!

* Easy to use direct mail marketing software included
* Email advertising samples included
* Free email updates available in the near future 

We also have a number of powerful servers to collect and manage 
Email Addresses. If you want targeted Email Addresses, Please feel 
free to contact us!

If you order it by the end of December, you will receive a special price
of USD110 (HK880)  and a 1998 HK classified fax listing package free!

To order this Email CDRom, please email your shipping address to 
himail at If this email doesn't work: 
1) please contact us at ICQ# 24145731 or 
2) call us at 852-7839-8022. 

³\¦h¤j«¬¸ó°ê¤½¥q²{¦b³£¤w±Ä¥Îªº"E-MAIL¼s§i¦æ¾P" ¤è¦¡--°ê»Úºôµ¸

DM (Direct Mail) µo°e¼s§i¡I¦]¬°¥¦½T¹ê¸gÀÙ§Ö³t¦Ó¥B¤Q¤À¦³®Ä¡I






¯Â§Q¬°50¤¸¡A¨º±z¥iÁȨì50 X 42000 = 2,100,000¡A¤G¦Ê¤@¤Q¸U ¡I¡I¡I¡I¡I




* ­»´ä40¸U¥÷e-mail«H½c¦a§}¡F
* ¥xÆW100¸U¥÷e-mail«H½c¦a§}¡F
* ¥@¬É (¬ü¥[¤Î¼Ú¬w¦U°ê) 2700¸U¥÷e-mail«H½c¦a§}
* §ó¥i§K¶O§ó·s¡A¬ù¨C¤ë10¸U¥÷¡I



²£«~©ÎªA°È®É»Ý­n¡I(** ¥»¤ë­qÁʧó¥iÃØ°e¥þ´ä98¤u°Ó·~¶Ç¯u¸¹½X18¸U¥÷¡A

¤À°Ï¡B¤À¦æ·~¡A¨Ã¦³¤½¥q¦WºÙ¡I **)

¥»¤½¥q§ó¾Ö¦³¤j«¬¦øªA¾¹¡A±Mªù¤ÀÃþ¦¬¶°¦U¦æ¦U·~ Email 
Email Address¡A½ÐÀH®ÉÁpµ¸§Ú­Ì¡I


Ápµ¸¤è¦¡:1)himail at

         2)ICQ# 24145731


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