Safe Egg Nog

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Wed Dec 16 00:49:22 EST 1998


MH>In the past, during the holiday season, I would make 'home made' egg
MH>nog.  Now, because of the potential of bacteria contamination in
MH>uncooked eggs, I've not been making my traditional holiday drink.

MH>1) Is my fear justified?

MH>2) How much rum/brandy will be required to reduce or eliminate the
MH>risk of drinking contaminated egg nog.


MH>Maurice O. Hevey
MH>mhevey at

If you can't be sure the eggs are uncontaminated from a known safe
source or by keeping your own hens, there are recipes that use cooked
eggs which doesn't taste as good to me. Or you can use powdered eggs
which DO taste almost as good as the fresh eggs.

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