16 Bit Gel DOc.

Sean biostorm at biostorm.com
Tue Dec 15 04:51:57 EST 1998

New From Biostorm ! Software also available.  Dont mean to intrude
on the newgroup but I though this might be relevant -- also its about
$10,000 cheaper that Biorads.  :)

Gel Documentation, Chemiluminescence, & GFP
with 16-bits Cooled  Integrating Digital CCD Video Camera

1 Chemiluminescence, GFP, & Gel Documentation: ( Cat # Chemi-16 )
1 –CCD  16-bits integrating Digital Cooled CCD Video camera with image
grabber system, -35 ï‚°C .  High sensitivity  better than 0.000001 Lux. 852
x640 pixels. 0-2.8 OD range. Dynamic range 56 db
1      - Set of connecting cables and power supply
1      - Integrating driver for controlled integration time, on-board
Iimage optimization software: , contrast,
       brightness,  background correction, adjustible autozero, filters,
invert, crop, zoom, annotate, edit ,
       print, save, load,, …..
1 - Portable metal dark room w/ camera mount, metal access door, and viewing
1 -Transilluminator: High intensity 302nm UV.  Working surface: 20cm x20cm.
Scan size: mini gel size up to 20cm x 20cm.
1 -Conversion screen to convert UV to white light source.
1 -Gel tray for easy cleaning and maintenance.
1 -Zoom lens 8-48mm 1:1.2.
1       - Diopter 2+ lens, 49mm.
1       - UV-IR light interference filter 596nm.
1 -00PM10 1D Main program, Windows or Mac,  Quantify amounts, read MW, read
positive or
 negative, comparison report, overlay,  read 2D, image analysis, annotate,
send, User-
defined report, optimize image, brightness-contrast, ubdistort,….

Package price, 16-bits system…Chemi-II-16…introductory thru 1998……$13,995
Regular price after that is ….$16,995
Options: Epifluorecence…..$865     White light reflectance....$865
Thermal video printer.....$1,960
                   Motorized zoom, iris, & autofocus……$1,785
Pentium 233 w/ color monitor…..$2,995
Software: If purchase with above package Windows or Mac::
 PCR, RFLP, RAPD……...$500   1D  Adavnced ….…$500 2D advanced  ……....$500
DNA sequence reading…$500 Dot blots-ELISA…..$500 Colony counting…….$500

Terms:  1 year warranty, 2-3 weeks delivery, FOB plant, 150 days validity,
net 15 days

Cat #  16-M5 CCD       ( Also  24-bits CCD color )
16-bits Cooled  Integrating Digital CCD Video Camera
For Chemiluminescence, Gel Documentation, FISH, Microscopy  & Field Upgrade
    More sensitive than the cooled 8-bits ccd.    Integrates for 90 minutes
without bleaching out.
Resolution  852 x 640 pixels, Vertical  resolution 65,536 gray levels.  Does
not need  frame grabber

  Cooled  Integrating Digital CCD  16-Bits Garayscale Video Camera

1. Field Upgrade of your gel documentation
      ( UVP, BioRad, Biometra, Stratagene, Alpha
      Innotec,  UVItec, Fotodyne, Scanalytics,
      NucleoTech, Lighttools, Ultra-Lum,itti,…)
      to read Bio & Chemiluminescence.
2. Chemiluminescence.
3. Microscopy,   monochrome, DNA, proteins, FISH. ( separate ccd for coloir
768 x 494 ):
4. Other applications

Model: 16-M5 ccd
CCD type:  16-bits Digital integrating cooled monochrome
Cooling: - 35ï‚°C
Integration time: 0.1 seconds to 90 minutes
Sensitivity:  Better than 0.000001 Lux.
Verical Resolution: 8, 12, or 16-bits  ( 256, 4,096, & 65,536 gray levels).
Resolution: 852 x 640 pixels.
Mounting: C-mount .
Interface for PC & Pentium.
Save image file: Tif for export or for image analysis programs on the
Save own format for processing by own software
Power: 115VAC/60Hz or 220VAC/50Hz
Weight:1.2 lbsmeter
Dimensions: 4.2”high, 2.1” Diameter
Gel dopcumentation                 Microscopy

Onboard processing:
File: open, save tif, delete,  print setup, print.
Imaging: Multiple exposures, fit to window, False color palette,
Automatic-manual contrast, mirror image,3-D intensity plot,
Contrast: Normal stretch, non-linear correction, power stretch, remove
background, Non-linear background correction, invert
Filters: Hipass, sharpen,  smoothen, median, gaussian, Low pass, unsharp,
Merging:: Subtract background  image (dark frame), subtract images, merge
Histogram: enhance by stretching histogram.

Price:16-M5 CCD video camera, interface, grabbing & processing

24-bits-M5 CCD: Has the same specification as 16-M5  but it is color.
Vertical resolution for each color is 256 shade levels……………..$4,995.


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